About Us

Blue Door Magazine covers everything creative, upscale, and cool about coastal Orange County. We offer OC the only magazine focused on architecture, real estate, design, philanthropy, art and culture. Our photo essays and vibrant stories capture the essence of the OC coast, celebrating the countless reasons to love, live and work in this unique community.

Founded in December 2018 and headquartered in Orange County, Blue Door Magazine has an affluent audience of readers that are passionate and engaged in real estate, art, architecture and design. The magazine has been awarded a Maggie award for two consecutive years—Best New Magazine; Award of Excellence/City & Metropolitan Magazine.

Justin Williams, Founder and CEO of Blue Door Magazine says, “It takes a breakthrough publication to get noticed in Orange County. It’s this simple: Blue Door Magazine is a city magazine so relevant and interesting you’d expect to pay for it. Because it is owned by the area’s top-producing real estate firms, designers, architects and general contractors, and widely distributed for free, each issue is eagerly awaited and passed along.” 

Shannon Ratcliffe
Managing Director

Maria Barnes

Justin Williams
Founder & CEO

Kedric Francis

Randi Karabin
Art Director

Brett Hillyard
Creative Director

Alexandria Abramian
Senior Editor

Carole Lightner
Copy Editor