For all you non-outdoorsy types, Patagonia is one of the world’s most successful activewear retailers, selling everything from snow gear to fleece to sleeping bags that appeal to the all-things-adventure crowd. Lush Cosmetics. Many people wonder about the meanings of environmental buzzwords, namely sustainability; what is it? In fact, nearly half of U.S. consumers make purchasing decisions at least partly based on environmental factors. Over in Asia, Japan is a clear leader, boasting six sustainable companies in the list. Syngenta AG is a global Swiss agribusiness producing agrochemicals and seeds. The company also recently topped Forbes’ annual “Best For The Environment” list, which highlights companies that go above and beyond standard green practices. According to the company’s VP of Environmental Affairs, Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia aims to “integrate innovative sustainability thinking, values and goals into every employee” by emphasizing sustainability in every aspect of the business. There you can sort by industry and location to find more environmentally-friendly companies, like Allbirds, Stasher, and Leesa Sleep … Located in Seattle, WA. Not only does The Body Shop uses only vegetarian ingredients in their beauty products, but also keeps a firm commitment to testing none of their products on animals. The company was named to Dow Jones sustainability Index for the fifth year in a row for being a leader at "managing economic, environmental and … What employees say: “Progressive company on an ambitious and fulfilling mission to fight climate change.” –, Warby Parker is a lifestyle brand that provides affordable eye care with a do good mission.” –, Great company for anyone that is passionate about things like community trade, against animal testing, the environment, and also enjoys the products” –, Current Customer Consultant in Ontario, CA. Find a cause/mission you’re passionate about and make it the driving force behind your brand. We have the drive, the motivation, and the means of doing it.” – Current Mechanical Design Engineer in Palo Alto, CA. Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery and restaurant brand that serves simple, wholesome, and sustainable food made with organic and local ingredients whenever possible. YesStraws produces 100% biodegradable straws made from natural materials so you can enjoy your drink comfortably without damaging the Earth. It’s OK. No one’s expecting you to be perfect. Part of raising a healthy baby is providing a healthy environment, and don’t you think taking care of the natural environment is part of that too? They believe that the technology exists to make everyday products without everyday waste, it just takes the right company with the right community to make these products the new normal. Customers will appreciate the care that goes into your product and will become loyal to your brand. We foster a genuine commitment to environmental and sustainable practices. These 14 companies have proved themselves to hold environmental sustainability as part of their core mission. Want more branding tips? If you are truly dedicated to going green with your company, consider all the products and materials you use to do business – where do you source your office supplies, where does the food you serve come from, what is the clothing you sell made of? It has published in the Hindu 1 992, reported in COSPAR 12 at Mysore, India, and IAF 13 at Beijing China and now proposed for presentation at COSPAR 18 at Pasadena, LA,USA. That’s completely evident in their design. Psh, who does that?!) Pela is driven by their mission to create a waste-free future. 15. It’s one of 50 companies and organizations selected for the Washington … Its big project is triple zero-zero CO2 emissions using renewable power, zero … The Beyond Meat company even teams up with other eco friendly brands like Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts to bring more of its products to consumers. It has a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% from the motorcycles, automobiles and power products it produces when comparing levels from 2000 to 2020. Interestingly, the companies are from a wide range of industries, from computers (Panasonic) to cars (Toyota). missing one of the most organic eco companies on the planet…dr. Eco greetings on a good introduction of 8 eco friendly icons. Their simple web layout and mouth watering photos of cocktails show how their products are sustainable and good for the environment. Their brand showcases a lifestyle that is both chic and eco-friendly. What employees say: “The benefits, the mission, the workplace are all exceptional. With a regular household staple that supports your (ahem) regular habit, you want to choose what is right for your family and the environment. By completing this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. What’s more, over one third of the menu is vegan, and over two-thirds of dishes are vegetarian. As a person who menstruates, you become quickly aware of what a messy experience it can be. Notably, the decision wasn’t made for the reduction of costs (it cost much more for the company to use organic cotton in their apparel), it was made for the reduction of impact on the environment. Seventh Generation sells paper goods, cleaning products, and personal care products that are made with minimal impact on the environment, distributing them through natural food stores, online retailers, and supermarkets. We believe companies, like individuals, must assume their share of responsibility as stewards of the Earth. Your writing style has been surprised me. Companies often categorize sustainability into three pillars: Environment, Social, and Economic. Storebrand ASA | Norway | Financials. Unless you were one of those with the foresight to get a bidet when the Covid-19 pandemic began, then, like me, you’ve become amazed with how much toilet paper you can quickly go through! Investing in sustainable clothing and companies that are dedicated to ethical and Earth-friendly practices may be the solution. When people see brown (the color of soil) combined with their overall eco-friendly branding, they feel connected to everything earthy. Who Gives A Crap is very honest and encouraging about their philanthropy, saying “We weren’t always making multimillion dollar donations—our first ever donation was to WaterAid for $2,500 Australian dollars. A sustainable branding & graphic design studio, creating engaging visual identities and ecocentric print, packaging, and web solutions for natural & organic product companies. What employees say: “Major commitment to environmental stewardship” – Current Employee. Put a little green in your wallet by investing in these growing areas. For example, the UN’s sustainable development goals encompass a broad spectrum of environmental goals such as clean energy and climate action as well as goals for economic growth, hunger, poverty, health, education, equality, peace, and justice. There, I said it! Why they’re environmentally friendly: Patagonia has been a trendsetter in environmental sustainability since its inception. With some of Pela’s products they donate a portion of the sale directly to causes they care about. M: +91 9448050595. To date, their energy management services have saved over 1.5 billion KwH, equivalent to taking over 222,600 cars off the road for a year. Co-founder Miki Agrawal was first inspired to donate a portion of Thinx’s proceeds to support women’s organizations in the developing world when she learned that millions of girls were missing school due to lack of access to menstrual supplies and the shame associated with periods. Businesses know now that they need to find alternative sustainable ways to grow, rather than discovering new resources to exploit. Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. And as a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, let me tell you, you won’t find a better (and more eco-friendly) tea than Numi. Thinx period-proof panties have the look and feel of regular underwear, but with their famous technology, they can hold up to four tampons’ worth of menstrual fluid. Just to add, there is a good practice in one of the 20 best eco education models cited in Earthday 2000. What employees say: “The company has a great foundation and ethical stance when it comes to sourcing its ingredients and products.” – Former Senior Key Holder, Manager Training in Denver, CO. Why they’re environmentally friendly: SolarCity is the largest solar energy services provider in the US, and has been a major force in popularizing use of solar energy nationally. The company is regularly outspoken on social issues, including environmental issues such as the illegal persecution of the Hen Harrier bird, and has donated millions of dollars to charity over the past decade. Start a new initiative to only order office meals from organic, sustainable restaurants and taste how good doing good can be. Bonus: when your customers see the good you’re doing in the world, it will build an emotional connection. What you can learn from this eco friendly brand: If you want to join the ranks of the best eco friendly brands, then sometimes you’ll need to think outside of the box. Millennials Really Do Want To Work for Environmentally-Sustainable Companies, According to a New Survey of Large Company Employees . Top 10 Best Environmentally Friendly Companies to Be Aware of. This is hard to find in a company and helps motivate me to continue working hard and wanting the company to succeed. Why they’re environmentally friendly: Beyond Meat creates vegetarian, plant-based alternatives to meat products. Glassdoor ® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc. Current Mechanical Design Engineer in Palo Alto, CA, Former Sales Coordinator in San Francisco, CA, Current Western Region Director of Safety in Phoenix, AZ, Current Human Resources Consultant in Columbia, MO, The benefits, the mission, the workplace are all exceptional. “integrate innovative sustainability thinking, values and goals into every employee” by emphasizing sustainability in every aspect of the business. A sustainability scorecard, displaying the trip’s environmental footprint, community connection and architectural conservation score, is displayed for each destination. Consider that … For example, if you own a small printing company, you might offer a discount to your customers who print on recycled paper. While there are many reasons we may join a company, one of the most important reasons to take a job is that it reflects your values. Why they’re environmentally friendly: Method is a pioneer in the creation of biodegradable, non-toxic household cleaners. They are one of the ten most frequently found things on the beaches and are the cause of death to thousands of fish and animals. What employees say: “Competence, environmental stewards, great food product” – Current Human Resources Consultant in Columbia, MO. Prof V Jagannatha Why they’re environmentally friendly: When it comes to pioneers of environmental stewardship, Tesla is at the forefront. Editor’s Note: The companies and jobs highlighted in this article are curated by the editorial staff, listed in no particular order, and do not necessarily reflect the official methodology of Glassdoor’s official awards or honors. Everything Numi Tea does ties back to their mission: from sustainable packaging to making donations to environmental nonprofits to tracking carbon emissions during the production process. It’s great working to make the world a better place, especially in these usually-toxic product categories.” – Current Employee in Burlington, VT. Why they’re environmentally friendly: Optoro is a reverse logistics platform that helps e-commerce retailers manage and resell items that have been returned or produced in excess. They also reduce waste by collecting old pairs of Native Shoes to give them new life as playground flooring and insulation. Nike. But because we established our donation model in the very beginning, we’re able to scale our business while prioritizing impact, all with the help of our customers who believe in our mission.” It’s ok to start small when giving back, but if you start budgeting accordingly, your donations can grow, along with the heart of your company. It’s easy not to buy harmful products when the harmful products aren’t available to buy (like a ban on straws) but also easy to choose an eco-friendly alternative when it is available. Redesign your website and marketing materials to focus on your clean water initiative and donate a part of your sales for that month to your cause. Sustainability is at the heart of the company strategy. Numi Tea is also the brainpower behind OSC2 (One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community), a group of CEOs and business leaders from the sustainably-focused, natural products industry that are dedicated to improving sustainability across all industries. 9. Think about other harmful products and develop alternative solutions—even if one already exists, maybe yours can be better made and better marketed! Be open, be transparent, and let your team and customers know that you’re working on a solution. Additionally, 50% of profits are donated to help build toilets for communities in need around the world. Rising from these changes came many eco-friendly straw alternatives, like YesStraws. Being transparent and making the commitment toward a more sustainable business will connect with your customers. If your industry isn’t traditionally eco-friendly, put your own environmentally friendly spin on things to do your part to protect the planet. Not to mention, the financial group plans to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2020, already boasting a fully green building. The company is committed to the implementation of environmentally sustainable best practices. Disposable plastic straws are harmful to our environment. Using a novel software, Optoro is helping to reduce the waste and carbon footprint generated by customer returns of merchandise bought online. How does it affect our planet and conservation efforts? EESS. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Google Terms of Service apply. Numi Tea has sustainability in their DNA. Beyond Meat is shaking up the food industry by creating delicious, plant-based “meat” products (carnivore approved!) If you’re already an established company, no worries! Rating on Glassdoor: 3.7. When it’s part of who you are as a brand, it will infiltrate everything you do, and being green will become effortless. This is hard to find in a company and helps motivate me to continue working hard and wanting the company to succeed. As they state in their mission “We are lighthearted by nature, for nature. what about miyoko’s kitchen, the most incredible organic plant based cheese and butter. You might not have heard of them, but Wipro EcoEnergy is doing big things in the world of green business by providing “intelligent and sustainable solutions for enterprise-wide energy operations and efficiency management.” In other words, they partner with companies to help them reduce their carbon footprints and energy wastage, which saves them a ton of money. Your company’s commitment to the environment can come from celebration rather than obligation. Since then, the company has developed new initiatives and partnered with community organizations to fight for better access to puberty education, amplify grassroots activism, and donate their underwear and time. In 2016, they pledged $10 million of their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups dedicated to preserving and improving the planet. Now that’s commitment. By using plant-based materials, they’re able to produce food products that taste like meat, but have a dramatically lower carbon footprint and overall environmental impact as compared to real meat products. Their mission is simple: raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. Business leaders around the world are grappling with meaningful efforts to address climate issues relevant to their organizations. We offer free, twice weekly newsletters designed to help you create and maintain your company's competitive edge by adopting smarter, more sustainable business strategies and practices. Their quirky headquarters in Trenton, NJ show how serious their commitment to recycling is, complete with picnic table made of melted down Capri Sun pouches and old doors repurposed as desks. Such a business is sustainable because it contributes to the health of the structure within which it operates, thereby helping construct an environment in which the business can thrive. Native Shoes shows that doing good for the environment can also be good for your mental health while taking small steps toward positive change. And they’re not complacent about staying committed to the environment –  last February, they announced their “Enrich Not Exploit” initiative, that includes ensuring 100% traceable and sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as ensuring that 70% of The Body Shop’s packaging doesn’t contain fossil fuels. It has been updated with new examples and information. Something went wrong posting the comment. While staying tuned into the world of social media marketing, branding and web design, she moonlights as a performance artist, crafter and is a devoted plant mom. Having worked for Apple in the past and having first hand knowledge of their unsustainable practices, I am very disappointed to find them on this list. Additionally, 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies they believe are environmentally responsible. Smooth operators: a guide to great website navigation, The 8 types of branding (and how to use them). Their brand also helps by educating the local community about ecologically conscious lifestyles. YesStraws lets their product speak for itself in their branding, as a sensible and effortless straw alternative. As a consulting company, Wipro stays in the background and lets their customer results speak for themselves. Make green practices part of your brand by only sell boards made out of recycled materials or organize a monthly beach cleanup with your team. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. See Open Jobs. What employees say: “Working at AECOM gives me a chance for a better future just like the many countries we work with worldwide.” – Current Western Region Director of Safety in Phoenix, AZ. Find out more: There are hundreds of companies out there that do not only use green-washing to make themselves look better, but are serious about their sustainability efforts. Who Gives A Crap offers a more environmentally friendly toilet paper that is “good for your bum and great for the world” as they say. Its line of sustainable products is made using environmentally preferred materials like recycled polyester. e- mail : Sometimes all it takes to protect the environment is thinking outside of the box. Jeremy Lang founded Pela after seeing first-hand the damage plastic was doing to our oceans while on family vacation in Hawaii, which accounts for the gnarly surfer vibes you’ll see in their Instagram. This is a much more sustainable solution than single-use products! Doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand. They created a brand whose voice is witty and unbashful, paired with clever imagery featuring natural colors and photos of natural, unashamed bodies. Why they’re environmentally friendly: AECOM is one of the world’s leading environmental consultancy firms. 3. What employees say: “It felt great to be a part of producing and selling truly green and sustainable cleaning products.” – Former Sales Coordinator in San Francisco, CA. This article was originally written by Deanna DeBara and published in March 2017. Their homes are also some of the most eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious homes you’ll find (hence the name). Say you own a surf shop. Lush has put a lot of effort into building an environmentally conscious brand. Whether you’re already a green expert or you’re just dipping your toe into eco-friendly branding, there are lessons to be learned from these eleven sustainable companies. Consider doing the same with your company’s merchandise! Siemens AG | Germany | Industrials. Why they’re environmentally friendly: The Body Shop has proved itself a leader in CSR with bold initiatives that they’re committed to seeing through. All of their products are made of biodegradable and compostable materials and free of BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates. Here’s how to create a great brand identity for your business. Viva Terra Why they’re environmentally friendly: REI has shown their commitment to environmental stewardship through bold sustainability initiatives and pledges. If surfers like it, you can bet it’s good for the environment! What employees say: “The company does live by its mission statement and if you are an environmentalist and values driven person, you’ll feel good about working for Patagonia.” – Current Employee in Ventura, CA. Most notable is their groundbreaking, limited edition Plant Shoe, the first 100% biodegradable shoe made of all natural materials and can be composted after use. They’re dedicated to improving not only their own practices, but business practices across the board. Brilliant article. Windows Catering Company is a Certified Green Restaurant Caterer that focuses on green initiatives such as water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable building materials and energy. For more details about how companies and specific roles are considered for editorial coverage, please visit Glassdoor for Employers. If you can push your product’s other benefits (Seventh Generation focused on health), you’ll get even more customers behind your eco-friendly mission. Let’s take a look at 11 eco-friendly brands that are positively affecting our planet and finding huge commercial success in the process. Home > 14 Environmentally Friendly Companies Hiring Now. Wipro keeps those client savings numbers under wraps, but they’re much more open about how they’ve helped the environment. You might not have heard of them, but Wipro EcoEnergy is doing big things in the world of green business by providing “intelligent and sustainable solutions for enterprise-wide energy operations and efficiency management.” Nike is keen to highlight the value of green initiatives through its advertising in addition to putting the great ideas into practice. What employees say: “Great company for anyone that is passionate about things like community trade, against animal testing, the environment, and also enjoys the products” – Current Customer Consultant in Ontario, CA. Just this past year, REI raised the bar for sustainable operations with the U.S.’s first LEED Platinum certified distribution center – the highest certification for green buildings awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. In 1994, before CSR was even on the radar screen of many major companies, Patagonia decided to switch to organic cotton. They believe better climate means better economy and energy access is a basic human right. Sign up for our free, 7-day email course and learn to build the perfect brand identity. Who Gives A Crap embraces the “do good, feel good” side of philanthropy. Native Shoes is changing the game of footwear using unique manufacturing techniques and vegan materials to lighten their carbon footprint on the world. Why they’re environmentally friendly: Lush Cosmetics uses 100% vegetarian and 85% vegan ingredients in their cosmetic products, which also are not tested on animals. They use raw materials from renewable sources, like wheat and cane stems which are fast growing, compostable and biodegradable. Talk to any environmentalist, and they’ll agree that the biggest problem facing our generation is climate change. Showing 1 to 8 of 16 entries They have a number of community partners who already have been doing good work, proving that it is both beneficial and practical to leave effective community work to the experts. They are also a big fan of potty humor which is something anyone can get behind! The home industry is one particular area where consumers are starting to value sustainability more and more, and the good folks at S9 are leading the … Insert sustainable practices into the core of your company mission. It’s the one-two punch of being awesome for the environment and awesome for human health. What employees say: “The mission of the company is outstanding. Please look into this difference a bit more and update your list to be more accurate. Here are the best environmentally friendly companies you should follow. Their products are 100% plastic free and have options made from 100% recycled paper or 100% bamboo. Feature the story on your website and marketing materials. And one of the biggest contributors to this environmental crisis? Everyone embraces the idea of saving the world by cleaning up the planet. Clearly, they’re doing something right. This isn’t super common, but makes total sense for an organic brand. For example, let’s say you haven’t implemented a company recycling policy yet. Many American companies are now taking responsibility and becoming more and more environmentally friendly. Bengaluru India What employees say: “TerraCycle is a company truly committed to sustainability.” – Former R&D Employee. Sustainable 9. Recently ranked as the first place green design company in the United States by Engineering News-Record, AECOM develops cutting edge solutions for environmental issues around the world. In case Greta Thunberg’s adorable scowl hasn’t convinced you to take the environmentally-friendly plunge just yet, new companies are popping up everywhere to provide easy and accessible options to use less plastic, recycled packaging, sustainable products, organic food and any number of ways to make healthy choices. National Geographic Expeditions (This is notably very different from any other menstrual product advertising which usually shows joyous women, much too happy to be on their period, biking down country roads or frolicking on the beach. Sustainable 9 does more than build gorgeous modern homes throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. Warm sun, the constant roar of the waves, digging in the powdery sand to discover…candy wrappers and bottle caps? They’re crushing the competition, supporting the planet, and staying true to their brand DNA along the way. Just like green practices are a part of their brand DNA, that eco-friendly vibe is a part of their design DNA as well. For me Apple is one of the least eco friendly companies. As a biotechnology company, it conducts genomic research. The overall stock market was fabulous last year, but as investors focused on climate change, renewable energy stocks did even better. Their super-absorbent fabric is tailor-made to serve light, medium, or heavy flows. For example, if you want to bring clean water to communities in need, do a “corporate takeover” for one month out of the year. Lush. 25. You can still identify a cause you feel strongly about (and a green cause at that!) The company really cares about the consumers, the planet and its employees.” – Current Employee. In the eyes of Lyndon Rive, the company’s CEO, the best type of jobs contain a component of environmental stewardship: “You want to find a job where you can actually have a financial reward and an environmental reward,” Rive says. Recently, they pledged to become climate-neutral in their operations and become a zero waste-to-landfill organization, all by 2020. Why they’re environmentally friendly: A chic glasses company, Warby Parker is an unlikely CSR hero – but actually they’re a certified B corporation with a serious environmental conscience. And so do more and more eco-friendly brands. Thanks for finding us! And if you’re looking for the latest in employer solutions and advice, we recommend our Talent Solutions Blog. Fast fashion may be … The company uses pre-consumer waste composting, environmentally conscious food purchasing and Energy Star-rated appliances as part of their standard practices. And as such, they attract the kind of parents and customers that are dedicated to going green as well. Numi uses a lot of earth tones like brown in their design and branding. Thinx has created a brand that successfully connects with their targeted audience and customers. They’ll want to be a part of what you’re doing, and as a byproduct, sales will soar. We cover everything from career advice to the latest company headlines. But there’s no denying that meat production is having seriously adverse effects on our environment. Their branding is all about fun colors and design and they use humor in their social media & marketing without diminishing the quality of their product and community impact. Patagonia’s commitment to changing and improving those processes and moving in the direction of becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly sets them apart from their not-so-green competitors.
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