It hadn’t bounded those hairstyles on certain hair color or skin color. It was considered to be quite radical for a while, but this did not quell its popularity. The cast included Ellen Foley, Annie Golden, Loretta Devine, Cleavant Derricks and Kristen Vigard. 1960s Hairstyles Fashion in the 1960s saw a lot of diversity and featured many trends and styles influenced by the working classes, music, independent cinema and social movements. African-Americans deliberately broke away from past hairstyle and image norms and embraced a style uniquely their own. Fashion From Decades Past: Updated 60s Style. The look is created by piling your hair on top of your head, forming a conical shape, then generously spraying hairspray all over it to set it in place. A lot of hairspray was needed to keep these in place. This saw the rise in popularity of the Afro. Long hair was swept to one side and secured with a band or a ribbon. This mid-60s look was a geometric, modern bob. Bouffants we’re also still a big trend in the 1960’s. Arguably - this artistic revolution extended right through to hairstyles too. Slowly, the bouffants, pompadours and poodle cuts that reigned over the previous decade were replaced by more exaggerated, edgier hairstyles. In 1960, music artist, social movements, working class, hair accessories like wigs and head scarves influenced hairstyles. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Toward the end of the 1960s there was a move away from structured hairstyles toward a more flowing, natural look. Many women in the late 60s could be seen with this side-bang look. The result is a unique hairdo that looks a lot like a beehive in terms of its size and shape. And, the 1960s was the decade in which they made their mark. Retro Jewelry And Accessories: Most Popular Looks For The 1960s People began to embrace their sexuality even more - and this was reflected in every aspect of life, fashion, and image of the self. American First Lady Jackie Kennedy influenced a whole generation with her elegant outfits, bouffant What Was Men's Fashion Like In The 1960s? By ... Jackie's super-teased hair-- whether styled into a flipped-up bob or brushed back into a shoulder-skimming 'do -- embodied grace and glamour. Liberation was the catchcry of the era and the call to freedom extended to hair. The answer, friends, is always hairspray. Perhaps the most iconic proponent of the Flipped Bob was president John. Since the Afro is a plain, natural style, it came to symbolize African-American power. Measured from the points of their heels to the tips of their proud tresses, 1960s … The decade saw women begin to prefer shorter cuts of hair and men growing longer hair. Longer hair with flick ups was popular. Of course, millions of women, including celebrities like Diana Ross, Elizabeth Montgomery, and The Supremes, copied and modified this style, and before long, it became a popular 60s hairstyle. The beehive became popular after being adopted by The Ronettes, a renowned musical group at the time. This style slowly became a symbol of rebellion, and many of the Beatles’ fans around the world adopted it. A bob hairstyles of 1960s was well-defined and evenly cut. Interestingly, it had introduced numerous elegant and trendy hairstyles. Or, another one, the rollers on the top and sides, and the back in pin-curls, and the hair was then brushed upwards. Hair was teased into the classic round Afro hairstyle with a wide-toothed Afro pick. During the 1970s, the afro was as much about being fashionable as it was political. Doris Day, Eve Marie Saint, Debbie Reynolds, Janet Leigh and Christine Carere Janet Leigh – Hollywood Hair Janet has one of the most casual, attractive hairdos in Hollywood today. Do you want to copy them and look a little bit retro? See more ideas about 1960s hair, vintage hairstyles, 60s hair. Copyright © 2021 RebelsMarket Inc. All rights reserved. Here is a list of some styles from the 1960s to inspire some vintage love in … The style quotient of the 1960s was nothing short of glamorous. Hair gradually became fuller and longer throughout the 1960s, as the trend for longer hair continued, along with the rise of political activism. From the hair to the makeup, everything about this era was gorgeous and it is still one of the most followed fashion statements, even today. It brought with it a renewed sense of individuality to African-Americans. Short, back-combed hairstyles could be quickly styled and held in place with hairspray and accented with long fringe. Thus, bigger and sexier hair came to be, with actresses like Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, and Brigitte Bardot being clear icons for it. The 1960’s might be long gone, but the hairstyles it has brought remain till now. In short, the 1960s hair was nothing short of an act of rebellion! Of course, this was absolutely socially unacceptable in just the previous decade, so there was a clear leap in what people could and couldn’t do fashion-wise. We have collected some 1960’s Short Hairstyles that are so unique and perfect to try in this era as well.Either go to your hairstylist or do it yourself. The top layer is significantly shorter than the rest of the hair and a bit messed out. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Hollywood Hair 1960 Which one of these famous 1960s hairdos suits you.