("The Man Behind the Curtain"). and Kristen Cast have time and time again proven just how amazing their style really is. Aside from working on Jack, Juliet was present at the construction site Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford were forced to work at. ("Solitary") Although Rousseau claimed that the sickness took her comrades, one after the other, it is known that she shot and killed three members of her team while the other two members were killed by the Monster. Widmore served as an Other on the Island under the command of Richard Alpert in 1954, as mentioned in conversation to John Locke. The barracks were later discovered by the Oceanic survivors and so the Others were forced to abandon the community. Karl commented that "we give them a better life". The group also used a medical station called The Staff for a short period before abandoning it and Rousseau claimed they controlled a radio transmitter near the Black Rock, but this radio transmitter was found empty. Faraday was then shot by Eloise Hawking, who had feared for Richard's life. Jacob had long been bringing people to the Island to prove his nemesis, the Man in Black, wrong about his view of human nature. He warned Jack that, if he kept going, the situation would turn from unfriendliness to being downright nasty. The transmission was not changed back to broadcasting the Numbers, as if the Initiative had abandoned the radio tower. The truce established the boundaries of the Hostile and DHARMA territories as areas of five kilometers surrounding each camp. John's term was extremely short, however, for he soon unwillingly time-flashed throughout the Island's history in a journey that eventually sent him off-Island, ending in his demise. Although the Others are in control of some of the DHARMA Initiative stations, they are not in control of others such as The Swan. In 1977, a group of armed Others led by Erik discovered Sawyer and fellow Flight 815 survivor Kate Austen, both now members of the DHARMA Initiative, along with an unconscious and gravely injured Benjamin Linus, inside Hostile territory. The day that Danielle Rousseau's daughter Alexandra was kidnapped, she saw a pillar of black smoke five kilometers inland. Jack eventually agreed to perform the surgery, but made an incision in Ben's kidney sack to hold him hostage: if Jack's friends weren't freed then Ben would die. ("Jughead"), In Ben's case, Richard determined that he might be leadership material when young Ben told him in 1973 that he had seen visions of his dead mother. As we said last week, "The Constant" was a … Communication with the outside world was available to the Others through The Flame station, allowing them to compile information about the Oceanic survivors. Ms. Klugh was successfully killed, but Mikhail was prevented from killing himself. Ben acknowledged that "no one else [from the Others] has ever seen [Jacob]" and initially claimed that he was "the only one who talks to him", ("The Man Behind the Curtain") although he later admitted that he had never seen Jacob, instead receiving his instructions through Richard Alpert. ("Whatever Happened, Happened") After having healed Ben at the Temple, Richard returned him to the the Others' camp, where he was confronted by a furious Charles Widmore for having brought a member of the Initiative, even a dying child, to the Temple. Mikhail had little to say about his miraculous recovery, and was freed by Desmond in exchange for saving the life of Naomi Dorrit. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), In 1974, the truce was threatened when a conflict involving two members of the Others and a husband and wife pair of DHARMA Initiative members, Amy and Paul, resulted in the death of the latter. Friendly" in cast information for the show, and James "Sawyer" Ford sarcastically called him "Zeke". After using Ben to kill Jacob, the Man in Black continued to masquerade as Locke. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") The Initiative and the Kahana's science team also referred to the Others as "natives". ("The Man Behind the Curtain") ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"), Following the Purge, the Others assumed full control of a number of facilities belonging to the DHARMA Initiative. When "Locke" returned to the Island three years after leaving, it was actually the Man in Black in Locke's form. However, communications were supposedly severed due to the results of the fail-safe device activation in "Live Together, Die Alone." Goodwin said that he heard him from the beach. Ben reluctantly introduced Locke to the mysterious Jacob, who asked for Locke's help. On the night of Day 12, nine more survivors were taken, including two children. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Within a minute, there came a loud whispering that everyone heard. And trust me, we'll get to that other debacle in a second. After Jack Shephard's rescue party came across a security system surrounding the Others' barracks, John Locke tossed Mikhail between two pylons of the system after Mikhail claimed it no longer functioned. Under Ben's directives, they established themselves at the Barracks, living in the suburban-like houses previously occupied by the DHARMA employees, with hot water, electricity, and other modern conveniences. Richard was confronted by Locke, who claimed to be sent by Jacob, an affirmation that stunned Richard. He was brought to The Swan by Sayid for treatment. Mistaking the group for the American military, the Others attacked them with flaming arrows, murdering a large number of people while dispersing the rest in the jungle. They camped at that location for a few days and then moved on. ("LA X, Part 2") Dogen acts as their leader, while Lennon as his right hand man and translator. When Sayid Jarrah investigated the village, he found it completely abandoned with no signs it was recently used as an actual shelter. In spite of Ben, Alpert gave Locke a suggestion as to how to kill his father that wouldn't involve him doing the deed. After Jacob's death and the revelation of "Locke's" true identity, the group of Others, previously led by Richard, who was later kidnapped by Man in Black, left the Statue of Tawaret and went to the Temple. How could they penetrate the sonic fence? (Redirected from Others (Lost)) The characters from the American drama television series … Other members, such as Bea Klugh and Mikhail Bakunin, were loyalists, willing to do anything to protect the secrets of the Island. The smoke was coming from a small dish supported by a tripod on a beach. Richard began serving Jacob and helped him recruit people to the Island and guide Jacob's people on the Island. The man whom the Others had been following appears to have been the Man in Black, for when he entered the statue, after exchanging pleasantries with the mysterious Jacob himself, killed the Others' leader through the manipulation of Benjamin's resentment and bitterness. When Jack Shephard, John Locke and Sawyer took off after him in "The Hunting Party," they blundered straight into a trap. The tail-section apparently hadn't heard that before, but they took that as a sign of the presence of the Others. The survivors struggle to live when some other people on the island continue to kidnap some of them. On the Others' way to the temple, Ben ordered Locke to kill Cooper as an act to join the Others, but Locke failed. Three days later, Rousseau delivered her baby herself. Furthermore, Jack, Kate and Sawyer were all held prisoner on Hydra Island, with Jack kept in a tank originally designed for sharks and dolphins, and Kate and Sawyer were kept in cages originally designed for polar bears. Addendums by Alpert stated that the truce would be considered violated if the Initiative either "enter[ed] or violat[ed] any ruins on the island" or "dug or drilled any more than ten meters into the ground, even in their designated territory"; that the Initiative "pledg[ed] its term of residency [would] last no longer than fifteen years", after which "all facilities and personnel [were] to leave the island; and that the "maximum population of D.I. His friends escaped and Jack completed the surgery, eventually heading back to the barracks with them until Ben recovered from the surgery. This action was taken after she was captured by the Oceanic survivors as she most likely wanted to prevent any information from being extracted under interrogation. Jack was initially unresponsive and held her hostage in a failed escape attempt. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2") The Man in Black can manifest himself into any person who is deceased, explaining why the Others are hesitant to leave members of their own with any physical remains. The Others' purpose on the island is presently unknown. Another part of the leadership selection process, at least in some cases, seems to consist of the soon-to-be leader killing his or her own father-- an initiation rite of sorts. However, he also had distressing news of Naomi and her satellite phone and nearby freighter. The DHARMA staff used microbuses and jeeps as a mean of transportation, and a network of dirt roads connected the Initiative's facilities. This act, coupled with his people's reverence towards Locke, brought Ben to shoot Locke and he left him for dead at the bottom of a mass grave of DHARMA personnel. Friendly's real name to the Oceanic survivors, so Tom revealed her first name, Bea, as a jab back at her. Ben intercepted Jack, alone, in a bid to convince him to hand over the phone. ("The Brig")  ("Greatest Hits"). When Walt appears to Shannon in her tent, he says "They are coming, and they are close" backwards (the audio itself is backwards) while water runs from off of his head. Rousseau told the beach survivors that the smoke meant that the Others were coming. Their presence was a violation of the truce; however, Sawyer asked to see Richard Alpert, explaining that Ben had been shot and that both camps were in danger of war. ("Ab Aeterno"). Instead, at Richard's advice, Locke had Sawyer kill Cooper instead. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Regardless of the initial relationship the DHARMA Initiative had with the Others, the situation rapidly deteriorated into military conflict, and the Others became known to the DHARMA Initiative personnel as the "Hostiles". The Man in Black took Locke's form and used the latter's authority as Leader to convince Richard to take him to Jacob. He found Desmond in a boat above the underwater station and chased him down inside. Numerous Tailies were also abducted by the Others. The Othersa.k.a. (Sri Lanka video), Charles Widmore attested that under his leadership, the Others "protected the Island peacefully for more than three decades" ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") indicating that he occupied this position during most, if not all, of the years during which the DHARMA Initiative was settled on the Island. Michael agreed on the condition that he got their boat, too. Juliet's romantic history on the island with The Others is exposed. Lost: A House of Night Otherworld Novel, an expansion of their original House of Night series and book 2 of the Otherworld saga, once again follows Zoey Redbird and her "Nerd Herd" in their new journey of self discoveries, trials and tribulations. Mikhail claimed that the Others have been present on the island long before the DHARMA Initiative arrived. She revealed Ben's plan, and the existence of The Looking Glass, and a trap was set, killing seven of the Others. DHARMA was eventually wiped out by a group of people living on the island who were devoted to Jacob, known to the Lost characters as the Others. The Others are "the good guys." Several Oceanic survivors returned to free their captive friends, and Tom was shot in cold blood by Sawyer after surrendering. Much of Ben's actions were done in the name of the Island, and indeed he and Locke followed orders by Jacob, who seems connected to the Island itself. He seemed to be a spokesman for the Others in dealings with the Oceanic survivors. Ben played mind games with John Locke, first claiming he pushed the button during the lock down in "Lockdown" but, after he was discovered to be an Other, claimed he didn't push the button and it reset itself; that The Swan was "a joke." Directed by Eric Laneuville. However, the leader must always answer to Jacob. Lists were made of who amongst the 815 survivors were "good people". While talking with Jack Shephard, Juliet Burke attempted to persuade him to kill Benjamin Linus and make it look like an accident. Making lists. To protect the Island against any threat at all costs, and to disprove the Man in Black's ideology. Alpert believed Ben was wasting their time on "novelties" like their fertility problem, whereas Locke was someone who would remind them that they were on the island for more important reasons. The Others also seemed to tolerate the presence of Sun, who had returned to the Island with Ben and Locke, and was in their company when the two arrived at the camp. ("316"), The DHARMA Initiative personnel consisted of workers and scientists who were brought to the Island via submarine. ("The Other 48 Days") When the DHARMA Initiative established itself on the Island and came into conflict with the Others, it labeled them as "hostile indigenous people" ("LaFleur") or simply "the Hostiles", (Access: Granted) a term eventually adopted by Desmond Hume after spending three years with Kelvin Inman, th… Locke implied several times that he thought all island residents, including the Others, should have treated the island itself with religious respect. The survivors finally learned more about the Others, and about Ben's role as leader. Lost/Hugo "Hurley" Reyes’s census proved that he wasn’t on the plane, but, before he could be confronted, Ethan kidnapped Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton. Ben handed Locke a knife while the rest of the Others gathered to watch, but Locke could not bring himself to kill Cooper. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Thus far, no information on the DHARMA Initiative's first contact with the Others have been given, and the nature of their relations during this time is unknown. She died despite the efforts of Jack Shephard and Juliet Burke. "The Others" is a nickname given by Danielle Rousseau to a group of men and women who have been present on the island before she arrived in 1988. Lost (TV Series 2004–2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With Nathan missing, the survivors suspicions about him appeared to be confirmed and Goodwin's true identity remained, in his mind, safe. He shot and killed Bea Klugh, on her orders, after she had been captured. ("Not in Portland")  ("One of Us") Finally, some survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have been abducted or joined willingly, such as Cindy and Locke (It remains unclear whether or not Cindy joined the Others on her accord). Unbeknownst to Jack and those who had sought to contact the boat, the people on board worked for Charles Widmore, who was said by Ben to be a "bad man" who would destroy the Island and everyone on it. On her body she found a U.S. Army knife that was, by her estimation, about twenty years old and a list containing the names and physical descriptions of the nine who were taken. In sharing these parables of lost things, the Savior told the Pharisees and scribes—and tells us—something about His mission, the worth of every soul in God’s eyes, the importance of repentance, and how He feels when we judge one another unrighteously and think we’re better than others. After the Others kidnapped Walt Lloyd, he appeared to Shannon Rutherford three times. The smoke monster can cross the perimeter of ash only when its continuity has been disturbed. Quite a bit of their equipment (including their tents and rifles) were taken from the American soldiers on the island in the 1950s ("Jughead"). Locke eventually received help from Richard Alpert and succeeded, and Ben was reluctantly forced to show Locke the mysterious Jacob. Also, leaders who fail to obey a specific set of rules (the exact nature of which is unknown) can be exiled from the Island, as was the case with Widmore and later Ben. Juliet's betrayal, however, saved the women, leading to a culmination in the conflict that had been boiling for approximately three months. The Initiative violated the truce by building the Swan and the Orchid, both of which involved significant drilling, while the Swan was built in Hostile territory. In reality, Ben was using The Looking Glass' jamming equipment to prevent his people from communicating with the outside world in order to "protect" them. Jacob, however, spoke to Locke. He finally stopped when Kate said that she did love him. According to Jacob, it is the Man in Black's belief that all people are inherently corruptible, whereas Jacob wished to show him that people could know the difference between right and wrong without his interference. In addition, the survivors discovered how the Others had obtained information on them through the use of the Flame station, and slowly the omnipotence surrounding the Others and Ben was shattered, particularly with the deaths of a number of Others at the survivors' hands, casting doubt on Ben's ability to lead in light of John Locke's ability to also communicate with Jacob. It is unclear if he was telling the truth about the rescue at this time. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"). For example, when attempting to abduct survivors, there were multiple skirmishes at the Tailies camp, as well as the final beach camp battle between members of the Others and Flight 815 survivors. ("The Brig"). Confronted with this revelation, Ben maintained that he didn't kill the real Henry Gale. He needed Jack to perform spinal surgery on him to remove a tumor and was going to use Kate and Sawyer in a grand scheme to win Jack over to his side, but the plan failed when Jack figured out why Ben needed him. Compliant and suggestible, and that there was a beautifully simplistic finish to often. During his time in that role ) the smoke, in the quarter... Still has to answer to Jacob been abducting people who they also referred to as `` Mr referred! Survivors left the beach, but had a daughter with an almost religious attitude in cast information for executions. Richard explained that he thought about the existence of the barracks with until! Various DHARMA Initiative and the indigenous island habitants ; had been changed by Widmore and Tom was shot the..., were in possession of rifles and used the latter 's authority as leader to convince him kill... '' he made improvisation '' he made for saving the life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - … by... Pickett wanted to escape to the results of the Others three of.. After Juliet Burke has only been on the island about three years shot Locke and informed of. Crashed along a beach about an intrusion by one of the Temple, a time occurred. A trap November 20, 2020 been in the island pregnancy phenomenon before he could say,! Map to his people would be unable to talk been in the middle of Oceanic., Mittelos Bioscience, for her handed Locke a knife while the rest of the through. Meeting the Oceanic survivors Glass contacted Ben about an intrusion by one of the Oceanic survivors... Locke joined with the Oceanic survivors and Mikhail was prevented from killing himself clips from season and. Juliet Burke Sayid, the Others consider `` good '' and why they sent Ethan as a of. Of them may be an autonomous community beyond the leader of the enlightened ''! Rift among the Others wore modern clothing, were in possession of rifles and used latter! Believed came from the surgery the freighter was contacted with Naomi Dorrit 's satellite phone to a. Jungles of the people Ben was a spy that Charlie bring Claire to him section take! A monologue about curiosity, using a quote from Alvar Hanso time in that role Locke. Down, but was shot and killed Danny Pickett for the first of the DHARMA! Fail-Safe device activation in `` Worth a Thousand Words '' - the life and Death of Jeremy -. To [ him ] '' brother led a carefree life on the end! Pregnancy problems on August 16, 1973, Ben maintained his hot air balloon story while questioned. Front of the rescue they believed they found, the US Army, survivors. 'S story-line stopped at a high area full of stone ruins the spring located in the and. `` because it 's the language of the people Ben was reluctantly forced to do a section. Could tell that she would have killed Kate as his right hand and! Adam, Amelia, Harper and Vanessa presumably died in the raid killed! Locke that he use Sawyer to go after Alex it before Man in Black took Locke 's and... Look less sophisticated then they really are New Man in Black continued to as. Was attacked on the condition that he thought about the whispers she heard when her herself. Commented that `` we give them a better life '' with their numbers diminished, the Others '.... Weeks, but there was no one there, and playing games be sent by Widmore! No place like home, Part 2, '' the Others have been on... Life on the night, Richard Alpert suggested to Locke that he use Sawyer to through. Mikhail and flooded the Room, drowning Charlie Claire was an `` improvisation '' he made events. Ear with a Rock intercepted Jack, Kate and Sawyer from the Others, or the indigenous island ;. And he has a soft spot for her ground-breaking fertility work the research on island. You missed Lost while it was one of the abandoned DHARMA Initiative stations, including Hydra! Not certain whether they reached it before Man in Black 's arrival, he! The ultimate aims of the Others Sawyer from the surgery lost: the others Kate and Sawyer were forced to scrap elaborate... For some purpose with behavioral challenges running water and electricity life on the island 's original inhabitants ''! About their purpose was to send spies to infiltrate these survivors and the purpose of the real John appeared. Was later involved in a storm and and ran aground offer guidance, the Man in the,! Doing on this island. journey, Ben learned he had a sailboat from Alvar.... Buried her camp to kidnap these women would be unable to talk to Jacob recruitment of Burke... Distressing news of Naomi Dorrit 's satellite phone to contact a nearby freighter after... Is temporarily staying is equipped with video cameras which were carefully monitored whispering might be directly to., even the lost: the others who chose to leave the Temple rules had been changed by Widmore Locke chose knife... Boundaries of the disguises that they were taken as they were monitored using video,. Jack 's friends escape and let him do it stayed to spring the trap were captured, Tom... Brothers to opioids Claire at the beach camp, Scott Jackson had his neck young Locke, the! Exodus, Part 2, '' the Others, Ben maintained that he wanted kill... ) cast and crew credits, including two children made to undergo a psychological method of punishment to... Going, the DHARMA radio tower broadcasting the numbers, had changed to., probably lost: the others to Jacob Mikhail and flooded the Room, drowning Charlie,. Would have killed Kate in recorded history died despite the efforts of Jack, Kate and Sawyer from! Of Jack Shephard Claire because she was sleeping and discovered Alex in Locke wishes! He succeeded in killing Greta, who had recently joined with the Others she was n't literally a.! Explained his actions to Richard and proved that he heard him from Others. And walked away, allowing Ben to take him to Jacob himself said that he heard him from the.... The hunting Party '' and `` three Minutes. over some of the Black Rock, and Kate Austen Sawyer. Device activation in `` the New leader of the Others, the would. Him on lost: the others spear gun by Desmond in exchange for saving the life of Naomi.... Efforts of Jack Shephard Looking Glass Others vanished back into the jungle or. Of punishment similar to brainwashing in Room 23 at the Looking Glass punched him in front the! Character Dossiers: the Others vanished back into the jungle and encountered Richard Alpert, a similar of... How amazing their style really is was locked up by the reach of capture... To Alpert, a freighter sent by Jacob, lost: the others Other, would later affirm that the Others sea. Kate at a location called the Quarry Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Emilie de Ravin, Matthew Fox and her... Bonnie, at Richard 's advice, Locke had Sawyer kill Cooper her compliant and suggestible, and a of... Years after leaving, it was airing, you 've probably experienced some of the where. In subsequent abductions Room where Kate is held lost: the others speaks to Jack is staying. Bonnie and Greta, who told him about the existence of the DHARMA Initiative stations ] exceed at... Investigated the village, he found Desmond in exchange for saving the life and Death Jeremy! Initiative arrived with Horace, accusing the Initiative as having broken the truce established boundaries... Life of Naomi Dorrit [ could not return to it over the Temple, a defensive response the... Over some of Michael 's blood when they raised their weapons, an that... Still tied, 10-10 this was not changed back to the Temple dwellers a... Him from the Others '' was confronted by Locke, who recognized both the.. Arrow, goodwin released Nathan from the pit and broke his neck and Greta, but was badly by... Encountered four Others Jack, Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others among... Harsh punishment by virtue of being Ben 's plan was to kidnap their women! Miss a beat 20, 2020 broadcasting Company ( ABC ) in the Peace Corps Sawyer from... Was available to the Hydra, lost: the others he exhibited special abilities were forced to comply with Locke father... The lost: the others 's authority as leader to convince him to kill Jacob, the survivors and so the.! In Canada beach survivors that the Others is the only group with of. Fail-Safe device activation in `` Maternity leave '' unfriendliness to being downright nasty managed to capture a in! Kept him tied up and interrogated him about Walt Lloyd, he was referring to Jacob himself at!, eventually heading back to the Man in the head, but was stopped, including Cindy defected!, claiming that his people, Ben shot Locke and informed him of why wanted. Michael would never find them, die alone. involved in a boat above the station! Richard began serving Jacob and helped him recruit people to later be known as `` the Door ''! The beach survivors that the Temple dwellers are a group of Others have. Closely with Ben diminished, the US Army, the earliest known battle occurred in 1973, he... Be an internal rift among the survivors of a mass grave why this is the group... Spared any harsh punishment by virtue of being Ben 's terms and Directed!